ASL Resources

Signing Naturally Level 1, 2 & 3

Signing Naturally Level 1, 2 and 3 are effective curriculum materials for ASL instruction. The Signing Naturally Student textbooks and DVDs provides students with the cultural awareness and signing skills needed to interact effectively in the Deaf Community. These curriculum materials are based on the immersion approach. The Signing Naturally set also contains a teacher’s guide for ASL teachers

Signing the Body Poetic

Signing the Body Poetic is a collection of essays with an accompanying DVD; it brings aspects of American Sign Language literature to a wide audience. This material is suitable for advanced ASL courses.




A to Z: ABC Stories in ASL

A to Z: ABC Stories in ASL is a crucial part of ASL literature, specifically focusing on ABC Storytelling. This DVD includes various American Sign Language performers with different ABC stories. This material is an excellent for ASL students wanting to enhance their ABC storytelling skills.




Live at SMI: Mary Beth Miller

Live at SMI: Mary Beth Miller is a teaching resource for advanced ASL courses. The DVD includes Miller’s several stories about her humorous perspective about New York City, sign language students, speech class and her uncle.  Mary Beth Miller is an internationally known actress, comedienne and performer.




Vital Signs

Vital Signs, the short film by Wayne Betts, Jr. tells a short story about a character who was told he has a terminal heart condition with only one week left to live. The film runs approximately 4-minutes with special visual effects along with ASL narrative by Roger Vass, Jr. integrated with real-world atmospheres. This video benefits ASL students and interpreters to enhance their understanding about the cinematic value of ASL.